1 Day General Cable BloLite™ License Certification (California)

This course provides the mandatory training to get the General Cable Blown Optical Fiber (BOF) BloLite license certification. This license is required to operate the BloLite equipment & install Blown Optical Fiber (BOF). It is valid for a period of one (1) year. At which point, it must be renewed to continue to opertate the BloLite equipment. Prequisites for this training are the NAVSEA Cable Handling, Forming and BOF modules up-to-date certifications as defined in the MIL-STD 1678 (Requirement 1306).

1 Day


This course provides the student with the history and development of the BOF technology, discusses the advantages and applications of BOF and establishes the “hands-on” experience necessary to properly set up and use the special equipment associated with BOF. Each student will set up the BOF equipment, perform specific maintenance functions on the equipment, and conduct a pre-installation BOF pressure test and projectile test. Once these tests are completed, each student will successfully blow four fibers into the BOF cable plant and perform a seal verification test on a pre-existing terminated BOF cable plant. This course provides each student with the unique experience of troubleshooting an existing BOF cable plant with various pre-installed faults. Each student is required to determine the probable causes and correct the problems. In order to provide the proper “Hands-On” experience for each student, KITCO must hold maximum attendance to 6 students per day.