NAVSEA 4 Day Supervisor & QA (On-Site)

This course is designed for those personnel who are responsible for approving all aspects of the Certified Fiber Optic Installation. This is a 32-hour, 4-day course that includes the Core module.

4 Days


All personnel that currently have the potential of Supervising or performing QA inspections of Navy shipboard fiber optic installations in any form (e.g., blowing fiber, pulling fiber, installing connectors, installing fiber optic interconnection boxes, testing fiber optic links, etc.) shall obtain Navy shipboard fiber optic training from a training organization included on the Certified Fiber Optic Training List (CFOTL). KITCO Fiber Optics is pleased to announce we were the first company to be approved to offer this training, and we are on the CFOTL. Each individual fiber optic Supervisor or QA inspector shall have an up-to-date certification for the work they are performing from a certified training organization on the CFOTL. Fiber Optic Supervisor or QA inspector personnel shall obtain Navy shipboard fiber optic training (CLASSROOM ONLY) in the following areas:
• Core
• Blown Optical Fiber (BOF)
• Cable Handling, Penetration, and Repair/Modification
• FOICB/TRB Forming, Routing, Shaping
• Fiber Optic Termination – Single Terminus (Light Duty)
• Fiber Optic Termination – Multi-Terminus (Heavy Duty)
• Fiber Optic Termination – Fusion Splicing
• Optical Testing

Each individual fiber optic Supervisor or QA inspector shall present their training certification card, upon request, while performing Navy shipboard fiber optic work. The certification shall remain valid for 3 years before requiring recertification.