NAVSEA 10 Day Fiber Optic Installer/QA (On-Site)

Includes all modules outlined for the Fiber Optic Technician. This course is 80-hours or 10 days, 8-hour days of training. Course includes Core, Cable Handling, Forming, Blown Optical Fiber, Single Ferrule (SF), Multi Terminus (MT), Fusion Splicing, and Optical Testing.

12 Days


• CORE Module Includes: Theory and Safety 

• Blown Optical Fiber (BOF) Module Includes: Tube Furcation, Cable Splicing, BOF Testing, Forming, Shaping and Routing 

• Cable Handling, Penetration, and Repair/Mod Module  Includes: Conventional and BOF Cable Handling, Penetration and Repair

• FOICB/TRB Forming, Routing, Shaping Module Includes: Forming, Routing and Shaping in an FOICB/ TRB and Cable End Sealing 

• Fiber Optic Termination – Single Terminus (Light Duty) Module  Includes: SF Connector Inspection and Cleaning, SF Connector Termination

• Fiber Optic Termination – Multi-Terminus (Heavy Duty) Module Includes: MT- Connector Termination, Inspection and Cleaning

• Fiber Optic Termination - Fusion Splicing Module Includes: Fusion Splicing and Preparation and Attachment into a Splice Tray

• Optical Testing Module Includes: Inspection and Cleaning, Link Loss, Optical Return Loss, Continuity, MQJ Selection, & Attenuation Testing