NAVSEA 5 Day Copper Cableway (Virginia)

This five (5) day course meets the requirements of NAVSEA Standard Item 009-73 and MIL-STD-2003-4A. 009-73 paragraph 4.5.1.

5 Days
David Starnes


Our course combines instructor lead classroom lectures, videos and hands-on labs where the students will install a wiring system from the power panel through a distribution box, switch, receptacle and light fixture. Students will learn how to use a multimeter and Megger to validate the cables. Once students complete our copper cableway course, they will receive a NAVSEA Cableway certification card. Topics include: Stuffing Tubes, Multicable Penetrators, Dead-end Cable, Cable Splicing, Chafing Rings, Hangars, Banding, Removal and Installation Techniques, Penetration of Equipment and Connections, Repairing Insulation Damage, Testing Cables, Special Tools and Equipment, Wiring Techniques and Inspection of Cableways. 

KITCO NAVSEA cableway training provides a unique “hands-on” experience for the technician with our classroom Mock-ups.”