Military Aviation Technician (Virginia)

Our Military Aviation Course is designed to meet the requirements of the SAE ARP5602 (Society of Automotive Engineers), NAVAIR NA-01-1A-505-4 (Military Aircraft Fiber Optic Cabling), USAF T.O.01-1A-14-4 and the USARMY TM 1-1500-323-24-4. After completing this training students are eligible to take the Aerospace Fiber Optic Installer exam (AFI108), the Aerospace Fiber Optics Technician exam (AFT107) or the Aerospace Fiber Optics Fabricator exam (SAEFAB).

5 Days
Brice Wilson


This course will qualify you for:
Based on the requirements listed in MIL-STD 1678, Requirement 1306 Table I and II.

This course is designed for those students who will be installing, connecting, cleaning and evaluating, repairing, testing and troubleshooting fiber optic systems and equipment on military aircraft. After completing this course, each student will be able to install and maintain fiber optic cables and systems onboard military aircraft. According to MIL-STD 1678 the training required to work on military aircraft is as follows:
Actions shall be taken to ensure personnel are trained by training organizations certified for the training required proficiency skill sets. Organizations shall ensure that military maintainers, depot artisans, prime and sub-prime contractors, and others within the fiber optic community (both Governments and commercial) have initial and maintain an adequate skill set for their assigned fiber optic responsibilities. Implement reoccurring training or otherwise augment as needed to ensure skill set sustainment. Perishable skill sets are those that are lost or degraded rapidly (usually within months) if not practiced or performed. On military platforms, the fiber optic cable assemblies intended to be inspected and maintained are cable harnesses, (1) equipment (electronic module/package) such as an ATC, LRC, LRM, LRU or WRA with internal fiber optics, (2) circuit card modules and assemblies with internal optics, and (3) other miscellaneous cabling.

This course teaches the following MILSPEC connectors and termini:
- ST Connectors
- LC Connectors
- M29504/4 Termini Oin (Style 1)
- M29504/5 Termini Socket (Style 1)
- D38999 Multi-Terminus circular connectors

Note: There is an additional $180.00 fee to participate in each ETA examination.