KITCO Fiber Optics Receives Patent for “WidgCo” Service Tray


Larry Widgeon, KITCO Fiber Optics Founder & Inventor

KITCO Fiber Optics announced today the receipt of a patent for their WidgCo Service Tray, a unique product that assists in NAVY Shipboard Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing. This simple invention provides a sturdy work area for the installation and maintenance of network connection points on US Navy vessels.

Designed to be attached to virtually any size of interconnection box with captivated bolts, this tray allows the sailor or contractor to fusion splice safely and securely. The ample work area affords a non-skid surface to accomplish fiber optic and/or electrical applications.

WidgCo Service Tray

This unique service tray is designed to securely attach to Fiber Optic Interconnection Box (FOICB) and similar enclosures. KITCO’s 0745-7010 service tray is made of light-weight aluminum alloy to give strength to support all the typical tools and equipment used in network maintenance, including the Navy approved fiber optic fusion splicer, precision cleaver and miscellaneous tools. The tray surface is coated with a non-skid textured polymer surface to enable all operations to be hands-free.

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