MTP Adapter Cap With Lanyard Attachment

P/N: 0700-5455

The 0700-5455 MTP Adapter Cap with Lanyard Attachment is used to assist in aligning the tip of the IBC Cleaning tool over the MTP ferrule during the cleaning process.

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Long Reach MTP Cleaning Tool With Lanyard MTP Adapter Cap

P/N:  0700-5381

The 0700-5381 Long Reach MTP Cleaning Tool with Lanyard MTP Adapter Cap is designed to clean the backplane MTP ferrules found in the EW, ICP, CNI, and Radar Chassis.

M29504/05 Torque Adapter Bit

P/N: 0741-7201

This Torque Adapter Bit is designed to be used with a 1/4″ drive Torque river to engage the wrench flats on the metal hood alignment sleeve found on the M29504/05 Socket Terminus.

M29504/05 Termini Retaining Pliers

P/N: 0741-7204

These Termini Retaining Pliers are designed to hold the shoulder area of the M29504/05 Socket Terminus while torquing on the metal hood alignment sleeve.

To order, call 888-548-2636

M29504/05 Torque Tool Kit

P/N: 0741-7200

The Torque Tool Kit is designed to apply the proper amount of torque to the alignment sleeve assembly when installed onto the M29504/05 Socket Terminus.

To order, call 888-548-2636

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