KITCO Fiber Optics has been a preeminent pioneer in the field of fiber optics since 1990. We emphasize QUALITY and TEAMWORK in all of our operations with PEOPLE being our most important resource. We provide a challenging and rewarding work environment where your contribution is recognized. Our company is continually growing and we are looking for team players who are excited about the ever-expanding industry of fiber optics.

We provide excellent salary and benefits, including health/dental plans & a 401k Plan with company contribution.

Available Positions

Engineer Intern

Fiber Optic Technician

Fiber Optic Instructor – Tier II

KITCO is proud to be a certified Virginia Values Veterans Company!

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How to Upload your Résumé

Click on the job link (above) to review the job description and requirements.  If you decide to apply, simply fill out the form provided and upload your resume. Our system accepts most common word processing formats, as well as PDFs.

You will receive a notification that your application has been received by our HR department and we will contact you in a timely manner to discuss your application and potentially arrange for an interview. Thank you for your interest in KITCO Fiber Optics!

Updating your Résumé for Specific positions

Before applying for a position, you’ll want to make sure your résumé is up to date. While you can’t edit a résumé once it has been submitted you can delete and replace out of date résumés at any time. Deleted résumés submitted for previous jobs will remain in the system for that position.

Benefits of Customizing Résumés

We encourage you to customize each résumé you submit to reflect the skills and experience most relevant to that position. In addition to the skills you note on your resume, we also want to know career highlights and achievements. For example, “led a team that developed a graphical analysis engine using MatLab and C++.”

If you’re qualified for and decide to pursue, multiple positions we highly recommend submitting a custom résumé for each field. This allows us to review your most relevant skills and experience when considering you for a job. We also want to know career highlights and achievements. For example, “worked on a team that developed a graphical analysis engine using MatLab and C++.”

Résumé Tips

Résumés that have the best chances of leading to an interview have the following:

  • Clean and simple formatting: Avoid special characters or elaborate fonts
  • Descriptions of qualifications and experiences most relevant to the job
  • Descriptions of projects you’ve worked on and how you contributed
  • Sufficient length to allow for a complete picture of your skills and experience.

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