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As of January 1, 2018, NAVSEA certification is mandatory training for any person that is currently or has the potential to perform Navy Shipboard fiber optics installation.

Click on the links below for our training schedules east and west coast, registration and our informative brochure. All our trainers are certified and approved by NAVSEA.

Flexible Fiber Optics Certification Training…

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BISCI Continuing Education Credits

Effective 5/8/2019, BISCI recognizes the following courses for Continuing Education Credits (CECs):

  • 6000-2250 – NAVSEA Shipboard Termination and Testing – 36 CECs
  • 6000-1300 – SAE Aviation Connector Course – 36 CECs
  • 6000-1050 – ETA Certified Technician – 36 CECs
  • 6000-2150 – NAVSEA Fiber Optic Installer Q/A – 74 CECs

CECs are issued upon request.

We now offer…

the ETA Commercial Installer certification test for those students who attend the NAVSEA 6000-2150 Installer/QA course. Test is optional at a cost of $150 for each student taking it. This certification will allow the technician  to not only work on Navy ships and submarines but also anywhere in the commercial sector.

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