Ground Tactical Testing

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  • Ground Tactical MFOCA OTDR Econo Kit (0831-8260)

    This Kit Includes

    •  VIAVI T-BERD 2000 OTDR
    • The P5000i Test Probe Microscope with all necessary Inspection Probe Tips
    • Two each of the properly seated 4-channel termini in the 4-channel hermaphroditic connector
    •  All other necessary couplings and adapters.
    •  Cleaning fluid, wipes, and flexible cleaning swabs.
  • Ground Tactical Light Source/Power Meter/Cleaning & Inspection Kit(0831-8240)

    This Kit Includes:

    • SmartClass™ OLP-82P Power Meter w/P5000i Microscope and Patch-cord Port
    • SmartClass™ OLTS-85P Light Source w/P5000i Microscope and Patch-cord Port
    • All necessary HQRCs (High Quality Reference Cables)
    • All adapters, couplings, inspection probe tips, for conversion and inspection of ST, SC, LC, and TFOCA
    • All essential cleaning & inspection fiber optic fluid, wipes, and cleaning sticks
  • Ground Tactical OTDR (0831-8245) (NSN# 5180-01-574-5887)

    The Following Kit contains:

    • Recently upgraded to the powerful, VIAVI OTDR ONA-800A Modular Test Platform
    • Two each HQRCs (High Quality Reference Cables), and other necessary single fiber reference cables, couplings, and adapters
    • Two each HQLC (High Quality Launch Cable)
    • Includes cleaning fluid, wipes, and flexible cleaning swabs
    • Includes one each (50M, 100M, 500M) Wide Area Network “dead zone eliminator” bare fiber boxes