Safety Materials

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  • Microtip Tweezers (0700-8911) (NSN: 5120-00-247-0867)

    These extra sharp tweezers come in handy for untangling acrylate coated fibers in crowded communication boxes. Tweezers may also be used to remove tiny shards of glass that may have been inadvertently embedded in your skin

  • UV “Over Your Glasses” Safety Glasses (0700-1570)

    Our UV (ultra violet) blocking glasses serve the same function as the 0700-8810 glasses with one exception; these amber colored glasses will fit over the installers regular eye glasses.

  • Safety Glasses (0700-8810)(NSN: 4240-01-561-7694)

    These “one size fits all” Safety Glasses are designed for installer comfort as well as safety. Each ear piece has a sliding handle to allow the installer to adjust the glasses for ultimate comfort and vision. The perfectly clear lenses with side shields protect the installers’ eyes from UV (ultra violet) light and from flying…