Inspection and Cleaning Kit

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  • Videoscope 200X/400X (TK-FIP-430B-6M1)

    The TK-FIP-430B-6M1 is an intelligent and automated test tool that transforms fiber inspection into a faster and simplified one-step process providing accurate and consistent test results, and preventing the reporting of false-positive results.   The key features are: Fully automated, one-step process: Automatic fiber-connection detection, Automatic image centering, Automatic focus On-board connector endface analysis (IEC,…

  • Inspection and Cleaning Kit (0700-8634)

    This kit will allow the technician to inspect and clean the following connectors/termini:

    • M28876 Connectors
    • M29504/14 and M29504/15 Termini
    • ST Connectors
    • SC Connectors
    • LC Connectors