Shipboard Fusion Splice Back Pack

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  • Shipboard Fusion Splice BackPack(0731-8010)

    This kit contains the following items:

    • Fusion Splicer w/Accessories
    • Precision Cleaver
    • WidgCo Service Tray
    • Utility Belt
    • Kevlar Shears
    • Fusion Splice Sleeves
    • FiberSureā„¢ Strippers
    • Cloth Measuring Tape
    • 5mm and 8mm Tube Cutter
    • VFL (Visual Fault Locator)
    • Spadelock Tool
    • Cable Ties
    • Splice Trays
    • 5mm-8mm Transition Kit
    • 4-fiber and 8-fiber Furcation Units
    • 5mm and 8mm Brass Eyelets

    …and many more