Singlemode 1310nm/1550nm Optical Loss Test Set (0705-5455)

  • Singlemode 1310nm/1550nm



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Characterizing the insertion loss and return loss of your fiber has never been so easy! Testing fiber optic cable in the field is a time consuming and complicated process, but the 0705-5450 and 0705-5455 simplify acceptance testing by automating the measurement process, informing the user of PASS/FAIL condition on the fiber under test based on user thresholds. Each unit is housed in a rugged rubberized protective case that can stand up to the rigors of the shipboard or field environment. The large backlit screen and sealed membrane panel enable the unit to be used in the harshest of environments. The internal rechargeable batteries provide a continuous 8 hours of operation on a full charge.


Each tester comes with a hard carrying case, instruction manual, data transfer cable, Report Writer software, mandrel wrap, AC adapter/

charger, and SC, ST, and FC Universal Connector Interface (UCI) and Snap-On Connector (SOC) adapters.