Blown Optical Fiber Furcation Unit, 12 fiber, 1.8 meter(0705-8140)

  • AA59729-TFU12-1.8
  • Limited configurations available upon request.
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KITCO Fiber Optics manufactures U.S. Navy Shipboard approved furcation units. These units consist of low smoke, zero halogen 2.4mm furcation tubing that surrounds Kevlar® and a 650mm (ID), 900mm (OD) hollow tube. One end of the unit is strain relieved with polyethylene tubing, shrink tubing and an aggressive epoxy. An 8mm BOF (Blown Optic Fiber) tube is also epoxied inside the shrinkable tubing to allow the installer to couple the furcation unit with the existing duct work. After sliding the 500mm Blown Optical Fiber down the hollow tube, the installer can utilize the Kevlar® and jacket to properly connectorize shipboard ST and/or SC connectors in accordance with MIL-STD-2042C. Immediately available in a 4 fiber, 2 meter configuration, 8 fiber, 2 meter and 3 meter configurations, and 12 fiber 1.8 meter configuration