6 or 8 channel, screws onto receptacle threads (0900-3180)

  • Backnut
  • OFCC cable clamp w/gland and nut
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KITCO Fiber Optics has designed a complete line of WidgCo Feedthru Strain Relief (WFSR) devices that are compatible with M28876 (4, 6 or 8, and 31 channel) plugs and receptacles. These devices are available in two configurations. Configuration A is compatible with the plug-thread side of the M28876 connector. Configuration B is compatible with the backshell-thread side of the M28876 receptacle and the backshell-thread side of the M28876 plug. This concept allows flexibility for the installer who may be faced with space restrictions.


Care was taken in the design of the WFSR to make sure the pressure sleeve (which is included) makes contact with the nest inside the connector to prevent slippage on the backshell side. If the plug side of the M28876 is the side that is strain relieved, the installer should make sure the backnut of the M28876 connector (not pictured) is installed with the pressure sleeve to assure that slippage is strain relieved.