Backplane Video Fiber Inspection Probe Kit (0700-8640)

This kit contains the following:

  • Video Probe (200x/400x)
  • Handheld LCD Video Display w/Power Supply
  • LC Probe Tip
  • ST Probe Tip
  • SC Probe Tip
  • Universal 2.5mm Probe Tip
  • Universal 1.25mm Probe Tip
  • M28876 Pin Tip (for viewing pin endface)
  • M28876 Socket Tip (for viewing socket endface)
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KITCO’s Backplane Video Fiber Inspection Probe Kit contains a portable, handheld microscope and the appropriate probe tips to inspect installed connectors located within patch panels, eliminating the need to access the backside of the patch panel. This kit will also allow an installer to inspect MQJs (Measurement Quality Jumpers) or any M28876 cable assemblies without disassembling them; the alignment sleeve in the socket (receptacle side) does not need to be removed to view the endface. All products are packaged in a customized hard shelled case for protection, convenience and portability.