Casualty Restoration Kit Navy Shipboard Fiber Optic Kit (Emergency Repair Kit for 8mm, 7 Tube Shipboard Multiduct, Blown Optical Fiber) (NAVSEA Drawing# 7344573) (NSN# 6080-01-659-2034)(0701-8000)

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The 0701-8000 Shipboard Casualty Restoration Kit is designed to enable the installer to quickly restore a completely severed section of
BOF (Blown Optical Fiber). Eight (8) 100 foot jumpers of low smoke, zero halogen duplex shipboard COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) jumpers are included in the Shipboard Casualty Restoration Kit. These jumpers have M83522 ST connectors pre-installed on both ends to allow
the technician to simply “plug and play.” In a case where Blown Optical Fibers have been severed this kit includes 2 furcation units and all
tools necessary to install these units to prepare the blown fiber for connectorization. Light Crimp Plus connectors and coupling adapters are
also included as well as all appropriate connectorization tools. A rugged custom carrying case with shoulder strap protects all components
and tools.

This kit contains the following items:

  • LightCrimp Plus Tools
  • 100 ft LSZH Duplex Singlemode Jumper
  • 100 ft LSZH Duplex Multimode Jumpers
  • 8-Channel Furcation Unit
  • LightCrimp Plus Connectors
  • Headband Light
  • Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
  • Safety Glasses
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