Corning Pretium® Installation Tool(0703-3745)

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The 0703-3740 Cleaver is a companion product to the Corning 0703-3745 Pretium® Unicam® Installation Tool. The Corning Pretium® ST, SC, and LC style connectors are usually referred to as No Epoxy, No Polish (NENP) products.

These connectors are set with epoxy and “factory polished” which results in extremely low dB loss. An index matching gel material is also injected into these connectors so when the Warfighter cleaves and inserts the 90° angled fiber into the connector (utilizing the Pretium® Installation Tool) the connection is automatically completed. The Pretium® Installation Tool has a built-in Visual Fault Locator (VFL) that instantly verifies a successful connector installation. The Warfighter no longer has to wait for an oven to heat up or bother with mixing messy epoxy. An average connector can be completed from start to finish in well under 5 minutes