Curing Oven Assembly(0701-4000)

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KITCO Fiber Optics was tasked by NAVSEA Combat Systems in 1992 to produce an oven that would allow the shipboard installer to accomplish a vertical cure for the MIL-C-83522/16 Light Duty ST Connector, the M29504/14 and M29504/15 Heavy Duty Termini and the COTS FDDI Connector. A higher curing temperature of 248° Fahrenheit assures a higher glass transition temperature needed for high vibration and harsh shipboard environments. A special heater block accepts termini when in one position and when flipped over the same heater block accepts ST, SC, and/or FDDI Connectors. A solid post, a ring and cable clips allow the installer to precisely position the fiber into the block for a straight, vertical cure. Special side panels are affixed to the oven housing to hold the 16 termini cure adapters, 0701-4050, that come with this assembly. See below for replacement parts.