Dual Laser Source w/EMI Shielding (0705-5545)

  • Military standard
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Paired with the 0705-5525 optical power meter, the 0705-5545 is designed for military use as the enhanced EMI performance complies with MIL-STD-461E, Method RS103 and tested to 200 V/m and facilitates certification of aircraft harnesses and installed fiber optic links. The 0705-5545 provides dual 1310nm and 1550nm output with SAE AS062 launch profile for fiber applications per SAE aerospace standard ARP5061. This source is fitted with precision ST, FC or SC connector adapters which ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability when performing critical measurements on fiber optic systems. An ST adapter comes stand with this source. When ordering, please specify desired connector type. Call KITCO for more details.