Fiber Inspection Probe System(0700-8222)

  • Handheld Display w/7” screen
  • Dual 200x/400x Magnification Probe
  • Rechargeable Battery and Power Supply
  • Universal 1.25 and 2.5mm Patchcord
  • Tip, LC and SC Tip
  •   Soft Carrying Case
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Using a Fiber Inspection Probe to ensure that connectors/adapters are clean and exempt of any defect is where accurate testing starts. With the 0700-8222 Fiber Inspection Probe System, the Warfighter can check connectors and other fiber terminations for polish quality and cleanliness. Benefit from the best optical resolution in the industry and see scratches and dirt particles as small as 1µm. The probe also uses a USB converter to send image captures to a portable platform or a PC.