MAX-945-NAV-M2042-KIT – Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) and Optical Return Loss Meter (ORLM)

  • Kit includes required single-strand multimode and singlemode MQJs compliant with NAVSEA Drawing 6877804-05, 6877804-05SME and 6877804-15SME.
  • Configured to support Navy test methodology in MIL-STD-2042.
  • Built-in software to record results.
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MAX-945-NAV-M2042-KIT Navy Approved OLTS_ORLM w Probe Marketing Flyer 12-22-22

NSN: 6650-01-702-8624

Approved on recommended test equipment list for Navy shipboard fiber optics: TS-0004, TS-0005, TS-0006

The only single unit Navy optical test kit approved for MM, SM and SM ORL optical fiber testing.

No need for separate units, all-in-one design replaces both SCAT 4952 and SCAT 4954 and covers:
• Singlemode Optical Return Loss (ORL) testing
•Multimode and singlemode insertion loss (IL)
• Light source and power meter

MIL-STD-2042-6C Test Methods Compliance
• 6C1 cable assembly link loss test
• 6E1 cable topology end-to-end attenuation test
• 6K1 cable assembly return loss test
• 6L1 cable topology end-to-end return loss test
• Cleaning material included
• 6M1 connector inspection probe (optional)
Meets requirements of MIL-STD-1678A and Navy Multimode and Singlemode Launch Conditions
• 6401 Singlemode OLTS performance requirements
• Configuration A and Configuration B
• 6402 multimode OLTS performance requirements


MAX-945-NAV-M2042-KIT Navy Approved OLTS_ORLM w Probe Marketing Flyer 9-7-22