Mixed Fiber Optic Cable Assembly (MFOCA) Pigtail Replenishment Kit(0831-8020)

This Kit contains the following:

  • Six (6) 2 meter, 4 Channel pigtails, manufactured, tested, and certified in strict adherence to HQJ (High Quality Jumper) standards
  • Six (6) JPS-400s (Jacket Protection Sleeves)
  • One (1) 50 pack of Quad Fusion Splice Shrinkable Sleeves
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This MFOCA Replenishment Kit supplies the Warfighter with six factory polished “pigtails” that are first made into three, four meter High Quality Jumpers (HQJs), tested to assure pristinely polished low loss end-faces, and cut in half to provide six each of the MFOCA, 4-Channel, Mixed Mode Pigtails, which consists of two each 50/125µm fiber cable components, and two each 9/125µm fiber components. These reels of fiber are widely used by the United States Marine Corps. All of these supplies are used in conjunction with the KITCO #0831-1119 Quad EL Fusion Splice Kit, the pigtails and supplies found in this kit enables the Warfighter to repair a severed MFOCA Fiber cable link or to splice a pigtail to replace a broken or damaged connector. This can be done in the harsh desert environment, even at night, and will now allow the reel of fiber to be returned to normal use. Now the Warfighter has an alternative to throwing away expensive reels – they can be repaired in theater, quickly and efficiently! NO TRAINING REQUIRED!