The ProFixture (0700-1740)(NSN: 6080-01-563-1720)

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The ProFixture is a must have for the professional fiber optic installer. Made of machine hardened tungsten, the ProFixture will not grind away during polishing. Less expensive fixtures leave a residue (actual fixture material) that can scratch and contaminate the fiber endface which can cause increased dB loss and less reliable performance. The ProFixture pays for itself by eliminating costly repairs due to faulty terminations and is designed to be used with ST, SC and FC connectors and most 2.50mm ferruled connectors. The center hole diameter is held to a 2 ten-thousandths of an inch tolerance to maintain the ferrule perpendicular to the polishing surface. The ProFixture is NAVSEA listed and approved for MIL-STD-2042C applications.