Multimode LC (Pull Proof), 2.00mm boot (0204-6330)

  • Pull Proof SC and LC connectors are designed for loose structured cables that do not allow the ferrule to move (create an optical disconnect) if the cable/fiber is pulled. This is accomplished by crimping the crimp sleeve to the connector housing and cable. The SC and LC connectors are usually found at electronic ports.
  • COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) SC and LC Specifications


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The TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) has accepted the SC (Subscriber Connector) and the LC (Lucent Connector) as the standards for the telecommunications industry. Consequently, electronics that have the SC and LC interface can be found aboard naval vessels. The SC (TIA 604-3) and LC connectors below have been chosen by the Navy as the approved connector to connect to this commercial adapter interface.