The Ground Tactical TFOCA/MFOCA Quad EL Fusion Splice Kit 0831-1119, 0831-1120-A (Army), 0831-1120-M (Marines)

This kit includes:

  • TFOCA/MFOCA Quad EL Fusion Splicer
  • Transit Case
  • 0831-1119, 0831-1120-A (Army), 0831-1120-M (Marines)
  • Quad Splice Protection Sleeves
  • Kit contains 8 each JPS-400 Plus (Jacket Protection Sleeves)

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The 0831-1119, 0831-1120-A (Army), 0831-1120-M (Marines) are specifically designed to repair and sustain TFOCA and/or MFOCA Reels of fiber widely used by the Army and Marine Corps. The Quad EL enables the Warfighter to strip, cleave, fusion splice, and protect all four fibers simultaneously, saving hundreds of man-hours. The TFOCA/MFOCA Fusion Splicer will splice any combination of either single mode or multimode fiber contained in the M85045/8B Ground Tactical Fiber. Transit case designed with opposing V-groove clips to position fiber directly beneath electrodes.

Each kit comes with eight JPS-400 Plus outer jacket protection sleeves and all other supplies to repair and sustain any reel of fiber in harsh desert environments.

The 0831-1119 , 0831-1120-A (Army), 0831-1120-M (Marines) are Universal, Fusion Splice Kits. The splicer is designed to splice single, dual, or even all four TFOCA II® fibers simultaneously. This feature demonstrates a tremendous cost savings by allowing the technician to splice any fiber configuration using “pigtails”. Systems may be made functional in a matter of moments – even in battlefield environments.


Quad EL Operating Guide

Quad EL Spec Sheet

The KITCO Fiber Optics #0831-1119 Quad EL Fusion
Splice Kit was designed specifically for the Ground
Tactical Warfighter to repair and sustain TFOCA (Tactical
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies) and MFOCA (Mixed Fiber
Optic Cable Assemblies) in harsh, desert, battlefield
environments, even at night. Now instead of discarding
expensive reels of the four channel MIL-PRF-85045/8A
Fiber Optic Cable Reels, the Warfighter can quickly and
easily repair the severed or broken fiber almost
instantaneously. The Quad EL Kit now contains 5 (five)
each of KITCO Fiber Optics’ JPS-400 (Jacket Protection
Sleeve (NSN 6070-01-527-2509) which makes restocking
easier for the Warfighter. The JPS-400 protects the entire
outer jacket of the Ground Tactical Fiber, yet is flexible
enough to conform to the diameter of the TFOCA or
MFOCA reel of fiber when rewound.
• Strips, Cleaves, Arc Checks, Fusion Splices, &
Protects Four Fibers Simultaneously (any combination
of Single Mode and/or 50μm/62.5μm Multimode, 125μm
Clad Fiber)
• 160 splice cycles for splicing and shrinking glass protection sleeves
• Easy maintenance, tool-less electrode replacement/mirror free alignment
• Easy software upgrade via the Internet
• Easily exchanged fiber holder system
• Meets the requirements of MIL-PRF-28800F class 2 for the United
States Army, Marine Corps, and all Ground Tactical. Specifically manufactured for
MIL-PRF-85045/8A, 4 Channel Cable Reels
• Special v-groove and holders, provides for handling of up to 4
250μm or 900μm fibers with 125μm cladding diameter
• Illumination lamp lights up a wide area around V-grooves
JPS 400 Splice Enclosure (0731-1170)
NSN: 6080-01-520-8198
NSN 6070-01-527-2509
5269 Cleveland Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
(757) 518-8100
Quad El Fusion Splicer
4 Channel Reel of Fiber
Key Features & Specifications
0831-1119 Quad EL Fusion Splice Kit
This unique Fusion Splice Kit contains tools designed that
allows the Warfighter to thermo-strip, cleave, arc check,
fusion splice (any combination of multimode and/or single
mode fiber – 250 μm or 900 μm ), and protect with glass
protection sleeves all four fibers simultaneously! This
alone saves hours of time in prep, fuse, and protect time
as compared to fusing each fiber individually.
Key Features & Specifications:
• PC interface software allowing user management of splicing programs and results
• Auto-start shrink sleeve oven Built in
• Improved GUI to further enhance ease-of-use
• Large memory for storing data (2,000 splice data) and image (100 images)
• Drop resistant – 76 cm drops from 5 different angles
• Water resistant – IPX2 rating drip proof
• Dust resistant – IP5X rating dust proof
• Applicable Fibers – Single Mode and/or Multimode, 9μm, 50μm, 62.5μm – 125μm Cladding
• Cladding Diameter – 125μm
• Coating Diameter – 250μm to 900μm for each individual fiber
• Average Splice Loss – SM: < 0.1 dB, MM: < 0.05 dB
• Splice Time – Quad Fiber: 15 Seconds
• Heat Time – Quad Fiber: 45 Seconds (60 mm quad glass protection sleeve)
• Automatic Heating Start – Yes
• Glass Protection Sleeves – 60 mm Dual & Quad, 25 per Pack in Kit
• Tension Test – 1.96 Newtons
• Return Loss of Splice – -60 dB or Lower
• Image Capture Capacity – Last 100 Images auto captured -Up to 24 images may be stored
• Dimension – 159W x 231D x 130H mm
• Weight – 1.8 kg with Battery Installed
• Monitor – 3.5” Color LCD Monitor
• Data Output – USB version 2.0 Mini
• Battery Capacity – Typical 80 Splice/Heat Cycles
• Wind Protection – Max. Wind Velocity of 15 m/s
• Operating Temperature – -10 to + 50 degrees C
• Storage Temperature – -40 to +71 degrees C
• Power Source – AC Input 100 to 240 V (50/60 Hz), DC Input 11 to 17 V without change of hardware