TFOCA II® Military/Commercial Fiber Optic Termination Kit(0831-8235) (NSN# 5180-01-574-5828)

This kit includes:

  • Templates for ALL TFOCA Varieties
  • Cure adapters
  • Polishing Tools
  • Universal Crimp Tools
  • Interchangeable Crimp Tool Dies
  • Consumables (Polishing Paper, Epoxy, Syringes w/Needles Tips, Wipes)
  • Kevlar Shears
  • Stripping Tools
  • Primer/Adhesive
  • 200x/400x Microscope
  • Hot Melt and Epoxy Curing Oven
  • Safety Mat
  • Safety Glasses

…and much more

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The Universal Connector Kit that provides all tools and supplies necessary to replace or repair any style of ST, SC, LC, or TFOCA II® Connectors including AT&T, AFSI, AOS, APTIV (Delphi), Glenair, QPC, STRAN, and many more. The 0831-8235 contains KITCO’s unique dual purpose, Hot Melt™, Epoxy Cure Oven. There are five proprietary strip templates included to assure connectorization. Universal crimping tool with interchangeable dies for different connector requirements are also included. Glass polishing plate, a softer rubber pad, and a 90-durometer resilient pad with proper grades of aluminum oxide and diamond lapping films are safely packaged in the 0831-8235. A special TFOCA Outer Jacket Stripping Tool that will remove the toughest TFOCA II® ruggedized jackets is included. All Inspection & Cleaning Supplies are neatly placed in its own secure nest. A convenient “Kit Key” lets the technician know where to return the tools or reorder any part.