ARINC 801 Fiber Optics Term Kit (0741-8002)

The kit contains the following items:
• Epoxy Curing Oven
• 200X Hand Held Microscope
• Front Epoxy Injection Tool
• ARINC 801 Crimp Tool with Die Set
• ARINC 801 Polishing Puck
• FiberSure Fiber Optic Multi-Purpose Strip Tool
• Kevlar Shears
• Carbide Scribe Tool
• ARINC 801 Oven Cure Adapters
• ARINC 801 Insertion / Removal Tools
• Tweezers
• Scribe Tool

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Products Designed with the Warfighter in Mind 

This kit is designed to terminate ARINC 801 Fiber Opitc termini. The kit contains all of the termination tools, epoxy curing oven, hand held microscope, and all of the required consumables.