Military and Commercial Aviation Fiber Optic Term Kit (0741-8001)

This kit will allow the technician to terminate and install:

  • ARINC 801 Termini
  • EN-4531 (Appendix C) Termini 
  • M29504/04 Socket Termini, 1.6mm
  • M29504/05 Socket Termini, 1.6mm
  • ST Style Connectors
  • SC Connectors
  • LC Style Connectors
  • ARINC 801 Circular Connectors
  • ARINC 801 Rectangular Connectors
  • M38999 Connectors


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The 0741-8001 Military and Commercial Aviation Fiber Optic Termination Kit is a multi-purpose kit designed to accommodate military and commercial fiber optic connectors. This fiber optic kit will terminate most fiber optic connectors found onboard the aircraft. The 0741-8001 kit contains our programmable epoxy curing oven that allows for a scheduled ramp cure profile. This kit can also be configured to work with specific aircraft platforms.