Commercial Aviation Fiber Optic Term Kit (0741-8000)

This kit will allow the technician to terminate and install the following connectors/termini:

  • ARINC 801 Termini
  • EN-4531 (ARINC 801) Termini
  • M29504/04 Pin Termini, 1.6mm
  • M29504/05 Socket Termini, 1.6mm
  • ST Style Connectors •  SC Connectors
  • LC Style Connectors
  • ARINC 801 Circular Connectors
  • ARINC 801 Rectangular Connectors
  • M38999 Connectors
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The 0741-8000 Aviation Termination Kit is a multi-purpose kit designed to accommodate commercial air transport fiber optic connectors. This kit can be configured to work with specific aircraft platforms, and contains the single temperature (90º C) epoxy curing oven.